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From the netherworld which rests just below the surface of this universe, Tybur is infatuated with mortals and their joie de vivre. He has come to play, and take them from their busy, mundane lives. down a twisted path of euphoria & melancholy He will show you the edge where darkness lies, but guide you back to the light, gifting you a fervent outlook on life.

He emerged from the West Coast of Canada, and has captured, preserved & distilled his sound from a slice of the original underground, grown in a valley hidden among the mountains of Forbidden Plateau and the Pacific tides.

2017 saw to two releases. His premiere on iq140 in St. Paul Minnesota was well received, and showcased his versatility. His second release found a home on Berlin-based underground techno label, MFM Records where he stands alongside legendary producers C-System and Spiros Kaloumenos.

In 2018 so far he has launched his own label BYS Music Canada with it's first release Temple, a banging mainroom techno 4-track collection. His single,‘Hypomanic’ enjoyed months of comments and plays on Soundcloud, being his most successful track to date. His final release, ‘Harder Than It Looks’ has received much praise on social media, and is the Premiere Track for new Hungarian label, Roler Records

Currently he diligently spends his time absorbed with all things techno, as he is attending Point Blank Music School as he works toward a Bachelor of Arts in Music Production & Sound Engineering with Honors. Expect many quality releases over the coming years, along with a monthly podcast featuring only the best techno & house music he comes across.

Genre: Techno, Deep House, Progressive House


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